Staging and Feng Shui Services

I have found staging to be an integral part of getting the home sold quickly. Even homes that are beautifully decorated and function perfectly for the way you live may not be staged in a way to allow the most potential buyers to visualize what it might be like for them to live there which is critical in getting an offer.

I include staging when I list a home because of the rate of success I have with staged homes. For smaller vacant homes, I usually bring in furniture myself but I am also equipped to stage larger home with the help of a staging company I built a great long-term relationship with.

Feng Shui goes hand in hand with staging because while staging focuses on how someone might live in a house, the principles of Feng Shui focus on how energy flows through a home and it helps me identify things that might be blocking that flow. For example, I happen to know that staging around the entry of a home is critically important because the agent showing the home may be trying to work the lockbox, the potential buyers may be removing their shoes, so the entry way needs to be staged in such a way as to allow energy to flow freely through the space. The entry sets the tone for the rest of the tour.

Just how important are these principles to the real world of real estate? Recently I had a seller who had tried to sell him home but was not successful. Although he had 44 potential buyers see his home, no one made an offer. I knew right away what the problem was and after he had cancelled the listing with the agent, I approached him, indicated that he should clean the carpets, paint a few rooms, and I brought some staging furniture in and took out some of the clutter. Within a few days, he had three offers, all higher than the original list price.